Unrivaled Customization - It's About You and Your Brand

It's about your website and your brand. You have a design, color palate, and identity that's unique to your business

Easy Customization

Provide Chat can easily be customized to match the design, colors, and identity of your website. Customize your buttons, text links, chat window, greeting messages, and anything else to work with the design of your site, brand of your company, or your corporate identity.

With Provide Chat, you can set up your live chat software to work seamlessly with the way you do business, allowing you to close more sales, provide better support, and ensure customers are getting the level of service they expect from YOUR company.

Easy customization

Translate for Any Language

Do your customers chat in a language other than English? You can easily translate your chat window, pre-chat questionnaire, and more to be in the language you do business in.

Chat widget

Pre-Chat Survey

Customize the fields in the pre-chat survey to include questions that reflect your needs. Before the chat even starts, ask your visitors questions that will give your agents a better chance of closing a sale or providing the right kind of support. Know your visitors name or telephone number before the chat even gets started. Let your visitor choose the department they want to chat with.

Custom Operator Images

Make your chat more personal. Each operator can upload a photo of themselves so customers can put a face to the name of the person they're chatting with.

Operator images

Customize Your Live Chat to Match Your Website

Your language

Your Language

Update your forms and greeting messages to compliment your businesses way of speaking.

Custom colors

Custom Colors

Customize the colors of the chat widget to match the colors of your website.

Personalized messages

Personalized Messages

Add personality to your live chat software by creating customized greeting text and goodbye text.

Your logo

Your Agents' Photos

Each agent can upload a photo of themselves to give your chats that personal touch.

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