Get the Data You Need

You don't need to be bombarded with mundane amounts of data to provide outstanding customer service, what you need is the right information. Provide Chat gives you that information in an easy to understand format.

Chat Transcripts

Need to know if your agents are providing adequate service? Review any operators previous chats at any time using a simple, easy to use interface.

Chat transcripts

Chat Ticket IDs

At the end of each chat your visitors are provided a Ticket ID. If that same visitor chats with you again, they can provide you with their Ticket ID so you can review any previous correspondence you've had with them, allowing you to conveniently provide better service.

Search transcripts

Valuable Sales & Technical Information

Provide Chat gives you valuable and vital information about each visitor. Quickly find the location , currenty page, time on site, browser & operating system info, and more. Use this information to provide outstanding customer service or engage your visitor with a well-tailored offer.


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