Personalized Service

Provide Chat tackles live help from an entirely different angle: A focus on simplicity, giving you only the features you need to provide outstanding customer service and close more sales.

Supervising Chats

With our live chat software, you can supervise chats held by other agents. In case your live chat agents have any difficulties, you can jump right into the chat, helping your operator and your customer.

Supervising chats

Multiple Simultaneous Chats

Chat live with several visitors at once. A single live chat agent can chat with several customers at once, whereas an agent using the phone can only chat with one person at a time. This allows you to make better use of your customer service reps time.

Multiple agents Support

Add as many agents as you need. Each agent is $15 a month, and comes with every feature Provide Chat can offer. Need more agents, just add them on deman. Provide Chat can handle your needs.

Multiple operators support

Smart Offline Greetings

If live customer help is not available, you can direct visitors to a pre-configured offline contact form, so you won't lose any potential leads when your agents are offline.

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