Multiple Website Support

Multiple Website Support allows you to use your live chat software on more than one website. You can easily set things up so your agents can answer your visitors' chats on all of your websites. You can also only allow certain agents access to designated websites.

Avoid Confusion

With multiple websites you can avoid the confusion your agents will face having to use a separate live chat application for each website.

To make things even simpler, your agents will be able to easily tell which website and what web page each visitor they're chatting with is currently visiting.

Chat widget colors

Unique Design and Brand, Keep Costs Down

Each of your websites also have their own unique design and brand. With multiple website support you can use unique forms and chat buttons that match the look and feel of each of your websites.

What's more, with Provide Chat's multiple website feature you can save yourself the cost of purchasing a separate account for each website. Simply sign up now and go from there.

Multiple websites

Websites in Different Languages?

Do you have one website in Spansih and another in English? No problem. Provide Chat's unrivaled customization allows you to give each of your websites a unique chat widget. When requesting to chat with one of your agents, visitors to your Spanish website will open a chat widget in the Spanish language, and visitors to your English website will open an English widget.

Not only that, you can even limit access for your English speaking agents to the English website, and the Spanish agents to the Spanish webiste.

Live Support for all of Your Websites

Save money

Save Money

Save yourself the cost of purchasing a separate live chat account for each website.

One account

One Account

Avoid the confusion your agents will face having to manage a separate live chat account for each website.

Super simple setup

Super Simple Setup

Simply copy and paste the same HTML and JavaScript code into each of your websites or have us set it up for you for free.

Unique designs

Unique Designs

Unique colors, greatings and chat widgets can be used to match each of your websites' designs.

Same agents

Same Agents

Use the Multiple Websites feature to have the same agents answer all of your chats.

Agent permissions

Agent Permissions

Grant your agents permission to monitor only specific websites within your account.

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