Increase Customer Confidence

If your visitors see a live chat button on your site, they will feel reassured that they will have easy access to a live person, even after the sale has been made.

More Likely to Purchase

A confident visitor is a visitor who is more likely to purchase. When your visitor comes to your site they'll be looking for things that make them feel comfortable doing business with you. These are things like a Privacy Policy, a physical address, or phone number. A live chat button works alongside these things. Customers who trust you feel more confident, and will interact, purchase, and refer more.

Easy Post Sales Contact

Customers who know they can contact you easily feel more confident making a purchase. You can easily add the live chat widget to every page on your website to make contacting you never easier.

Secure Chats

Provide Chat can even support secure chats through a 256-bit secure socket layer (the same security online banks use). This means your customers can feel confident chatting with you at the point of sale, knowing that any message they send to you will be secure and private.

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