Help Customers at Their Point of Need

Many sales are lost at the point of sale. Customers become worried about providing personal information during the purchasing process, leading them to abandon your shopping cart. Provide Chat saves slaes by allowing you to help customers at their point of need.

Point-of-Sale Service

With live support, you can assist your visitors in completing sales by walking them through the process.

Provide Chat makes this because you can tell if a visitor has reached the point of sale on your website (the area where they enter in their personal details to complete the order). At this time, if you feel it's necessary to assist them you can invite them to chat.

Additionally, if your customer has questions, they can initiate a chat. This way you can help guide your visitor through the sales process, making sure that fewer sales are lost or abandoned.

Safe & Secure Chats

Every chat with Provide Chat is secured through a 256-bit secure socket layer (the same security online banks use), but what this really means is that messages sent between you and your site visitors will be safe from prying eyes. SSL is the same technology that e-commerce websites and online banking websites use. If sending safe and secure messages between you and your customers is important to you then Provide Chat has this built into every chat.

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